About AJ's Crystal Shop

We now offer in-person shopping and online pickups!

Located inside Final Touch Tattoo at 227 E Cevallos, Suite 203, San Antonio, TX 78204.

Make sure to also check out Final Touch Tattoo while getting crystals!

This isn't a typical Crystal Shop

Why AJ's?

Straight from AJ herself:

"Hey there!

As a woman-owned small business, my mission is to ensure quality, beauty, environmentally-conscious, and ethically sourced gifts from our earth. Each item is hand picked and curated by yours truly. However, you will find some heavily discounted low quality pieces as well. I found something beautiful about their imperfections and wanted others to see them as well.

We use all recycled and recyclable shipping products; which include, water dissolvable packing peanuts and water activated tape. We ensure not only that the crystals are ethically sourced, but also take into consideration the miners, carvers, and the environment around the mines. To ensure we provide all of the outlined principles above we do pay a little more which will reflect in our prices. However, rest assured its money well spent. Your piece was carefully curated and inspected to make sure its the best quality possible. If you sign up for our newsletter we offer discount codes and specials on a consistent basis. Sign up for the news letter for discounts and raffle opportunities!

If quality over quantity is not your vibe then that is completely okay, I appreciate you staying around this long! However, if this sounds like your kind of place, I hope you look around and find something that calls to you. If you don't see that perfect piece that calls to you please let me know as not all inventory items are listed on the site. I can also see about curating what you're looking for, I have several sources to pull from. Just keep in mind, I will ask for a small deposit which can vary depending on the material and size. Please also feel free to message me and I would be happy to work with you!"

- AJ